Operation and Maintenance Vilhelmina operating area

Name of customer: Swedish Transport Administration
Time: ongoing
Brief description of work performed: Vilhelmina operating area is a challenging area to maintain. In the area there are three mountain valleys, Borgafjäll, Klimpfjäll and Kittelfjäll where the weather climate changes quickly and often. Parts of Vildmarksvägen also run in the area with Sweden’s highest paved road, Stekenjokk vägen 879 masl. Our mission is to ensure all year round and around the clock that all state roads are passable regardless of the weather.

Operation and maintenance Municipalities

Terranor has contracts with most municipalities where we are responsible for both summer and winter maintenance. Our assignments include many different elements, such as lawn mowing, road cleaning, maintenance of exercise areas and playgrounds, road painting, sludge suction of wells, maintenance of gravel and asphalt roads in summer and winter.

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