Päivi has a proven track record of excellence and performance in the construction, rail, and engineering industries. She has 20+ years of experience from leading Finnish companies: only after 8 years at YIT, Päivi was promoted to the first female Business Unit Director in company history. She further developed her strategic thinking and people leadership skills at Eltel Networks where she worked as Business Unit Director in various units for more than 9 years.

After a detour in smaller businesses as interim management and her previous stage at Despro Engineering, Päivi will now become a driving force of the Terranor Oy growth journey to become Finland’s no. 1 Road Operations and Maintenance provider.

During her career, Päivi developed strong skills in people leadership, strategy development and execution, merger and acquisition, restructuring, and transformations.

She will guide our vision ”First in Mind in Road Operations and Maintenance in the Nordics” for Finland with a strong focus on our values: Yhdessä, Osaava, Rohkea, Aito.

With our management team Inka Kontturi, Johanna Kärnä, Iisko Rossi, and Harri Valkeinen we will jointly accelerate our growth and profitability plans.

#FirstInMind #PeopleMakeTheDifference

The Terranor Group enters the next phase of the success story: We diversify our service offering at Terranor Oy and have founded Terranor Verte Oy in Finland. A dedicated service provider for Green Environment Maintenance and Construction.

“First in Mind in Road Operations and Maintenance in the Nordics” is our clear vision. It stands for the promise to deliver in-time, in-quality, and in-cost for our customers. Always. But it also stands for the ambition of our staff. The energy and dedication of our employees to be more than just a provider of salting and de-icing. Because we offer the full bandwidth of O&M. We strive for revolutionizing the way how it is done.

It comes with great pleasure to announce that Johanna Kärnä has joined our journey to the top. She is one of the leading experts in Green Environment Maintenance and Construction in Finland. ~20 years of experience. Well-known and highly reputable. She has served many customers with ambition to deliver more than the average. We are happy to provide the platform Terranor to you to now fully drive the future of how it done the right way. We are lucky to have you with us, Johanna.

With this step, Terranor Oy will bundle the knowledge and experience of many years of project work in this field in one new unit to diversify, accelerate, enhance, and drive Environment Works, headed by Johanna. We will leverage experience and expertise cross-boarder with Terranor AB and Terranor A/S.

#FirstInMind #PeopleMakeTheDifference

In the Finnish Transport Agency’s annual road user satisfaction survey, many contracts were particularly successful in winter road maintenance in winter 2020-2021. Based on the feedback survey, the Finnish Transport Agency has selected the most successful maintenance contracts in terms of customer service and those that improved most in terms of customer satisfaction.

The Rovaniemi regional contract is one of the contracts where road users’ satisfaction with winter maintenance has improved the most.
This success is due to our hard-working management team; Arttu, Juuso and Niko. Congratulations to the whole team!

For more information, visit the Finnish Transport Agency’s website: https://vayla.fi/-/maanteiden-talvihoidosta-kiitosta-katso-mista-loytyvat-tyytyvaisimmat-tienkayttajat?fbclid=IwAR1xrpmewBVFu3DyAKqNdq4NoF2WohbF4hnNF1jJmWlNVpr-MrDU-Fa38LY

Terranor Oy has won two new road maintenance contracts for the period 2021-2026, for Kemi and Raasepori. The new contracts will start on 1.10.2021 and will run for five years.

More information on the past road maintenance tendering process: https://vayla.fi/documents/25230764/35411132/Kilpailuttamisen_tuloksia_2021.pdf/14c090fd-15d2-1fae-6b97-f6dd35764751/Kilpailuttamisen_tuloksia_2021.pdf?t=1617884127099&fbclid=IwAR3CDkD-elME9UX65EKpuMzaoHijieBvr9kvuwllpx4_mm9k9z1G7qiQPZc

General information on tendering for contracts on the website of the Finnish Transport Agency: https://vayla.fi/palveluntuottajat/hankinnat/tieurakat


The Finnish Transport Agency and the ELY Centre of Southwest Finland put out to tender the 5-year road maintenance contracts responsible for the day-to-day management of roads. Road maintenance contracts are quality responsibility contracts, which are carried out in accordance with the quality requirements defined by Väylä.

The main objective of the road maintenance contracts is the benefit of the road user and their flexible service. The aim is to achieve a fair distribution of risks and to develop good cooperation between the client and the contractor. The aim of road maintenance contracts is also to provide opportunities for better development of maintenance work and to improve the quality of the contract and thus the productivity of the sector.

The German holding company Mutares SE & Co. KGaA acquires the Road Services division of NCC, the road maintenance business in Finland and Sweden. The transaction will take the form of a share purchase agreement and is expected to close in the third quarter of 2020. The transaction is subject to approval by the Swedish competition authorities.

Mutares is a holding company focused on acquiring potential medium-sized companies. It was founded in 2008 and has 90 employees in six offices across Europe. Mutares is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Construction magazine news: https://www.rakennuslehti.fi/2020/07/ncc-myy-ruotsin-ja-suomen-tienhoitoliiketoiminnot/?fbclid=IwAR10ckDzmmb9OnPWVHgsraWB7eIOBo7L-5SvOQ_uvtnFOK7vidQcWHRQcD0