Inka Kontturi started as CFO of Terranor Group

Terranor AB, Terranor Oy, and Terranor A/S are happy to announce the first Terranor Group CFO: Inka Kontturi will take over the responsibility of the Finance departments of all Terranor entities effective 01.06.2024.

Inka joined Terranor Oy on 19.09.2022 at our Helsinki Headquarters. Since then, she has taken over the responsibility for Finance, HR, and IT in a standalone model. She has independently developed our reporting, auditing, tracking, compliance, and management infrastructure. During our journey together, she has continuously proven her remarkable drive to fight for and develop Terranor in and outside of Finland. Her end-to-end Finance knowledge will boost our overall Group capabilities to the next level.

Before joining Terranor, Inka worked in the construction and infra business for the past 14 years and in finance for 18 years in total. She has worked at Geobear AB and Eltel Networks Oy.

With this change, the Terranor Group takes the next step towards professionalization along with our vision of “First in Mind in Road Operations and Maintenance”. Since its foundation in November 2020, the Terranor Group has grown from two companies with ~101mn€ to six companies with ~240mn€ revenue in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland combined. The exceptional compound annual growth rates of ~30% p.a. require new methods, ambition, and support structures. With that step, we feel very well prepared for the challenges ahead and the rebound of the construction industry to exploit opportunities among all competitors the most.

#FirstInMind #PeopleMakeTheDifference