Terranor wins two new road maintenance contracts, in Kemi and Raasepori

Terranor Oy has won two new road maintenance contracts for the period 2021-2026, for Kemi and Raasepori. The new contracts will start on 1.10.2021 and will run for five years.

More information on the past road maintenance tendering process: https://vayla.fi/documents/25230764/35411132/Kilpailuttamisen_tuloksia_2021.pdf/14c090fd-15d2-1fae-6b97-f6dd35764751/Kilpailuttamisen_tuloksia_2021.pdf?t=1617884127099&fbclid=IwAR3CDkD-elME9UX65EKpuMzaoHijieBvr9kvuwllpx4_mm9k9z1G7qiQPZc

General information on tendering for contracts on the website of the Finnish Transport Agency: https://vayla.fi/palveluntuottajat/hankinnat/tieurakat


The Finnish Transport Agency and the ELY Centre of Southwest Finland put out to tender the 5-year road maintenance contracts responsible for the day-to-day management of roads. Road maintenance contracts are quality responsibility contracts, which are carried out in accordance with the quality requirements defined by Väylä.

The main objective of the road maintenance contracts is the benefit of the road user and their flexible service. The aim is to achieve a fair distribution of risks and to develop good cooperation between the client and the contractor. The aim of road maintenance contracts is also to provide opportunities for better development of maintenance work and to improve the quality of the contract and thus the productivity of the sector.